Wednesday, September 3, 2014

FILAM EXPO 2014 PERFORMER: Micaela Loraine Marquez

Micaela Loraine Marquez, 16-FilAm Expo Performer
Micaela Marquez a 16 yrs old only child of Mike and Lorie Marquez was Champion at Seafood City singing contest on Aug 2008 and won San Diego Mega Star competition sponsored by Mothergoose Parade Association in El Cajon the oldest and longest running televised parade in San Diego.

As Mega Star champion she attended a talent booth camp mentored by Ron Harris one of the most successful producers in the Hollywood music industry. 

Micaela attended with dinner with  Hollywood stars mingling  with celebrities Tori Spelling, Lou Ferrigno Anna Marie Perez. Micaela has been singing with different Filipino Organization. 
She recently has performed as one of the guest of Eric Santos.  Singing is her passion at the same time play piano.  Music is in her heart. VISIT MICAEALA'S Official Website:

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